Californian Cup/Towel Set
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Back in the 50s and 60s, there was an idealized view of California that appeared quite frequently in product design. Billed as the land of sunshine, oranges and great health, it’s an image that still persists to this day in the minds of many people. This sunny “Californian” Barth & Dreyfuss towel and cup set is a great throwback to that old time depiction.

We aren’t sure how and why these were sold, but have seen similar packages from Barth & Dreyfuss including cups, towels, coasters, napkins in all sorts of different “themes”. We think they might have been intended as housewarming gifts. Definitely dates to the 60s from the font, packaging and the look of the towels which feature different types of fruits. The cups are orange, and we believe they are decorated with a design – but we don’t know what that is because we didn’t want to spoil the package by opening it! Text reads: “Four Decorated Juice Tumblers Two Printed Kitchen Terry Towels”.

In great condition, “new in box”. We haven’t taken apart the packaging, but everything appears to be intact inside and undamaged. The box itself has quite a bit of wear and fading at some points. Box measures about 18″ long, 12″ wide and 2.75″ tall.

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