Whoops - sorry folks, this sale was supposed to have been posted a few days ago. We got a little behind, what with TurkeyDay and the Black Friday thrift shopping runs we went on.

Anyhow, we're holding a little sale for BOTH the main store and our Etsy outlet. Because it's sorta late notice for Cyber Monday, we'll keep the sale up for at least a couple of days:

Receive 15% off on your total purchase, with coupon code HOLIDAY2010.

There should be an area where you can enter the code at checkout - but please let us know if you have issues, as this is the first time we're trying a specific coupon code for eShop!

Like the majority of the Etsy community, we're also taking advantage of the new "Coupon Codes" that they've made available there. So we're running the same promotion at Etsy:

Everything in our Etsy store is currently 15% off with coupon code HOLIDAY2010.

Believe that you just enter that coupon code at checkout. Again, please let us know if you have any problems.

This discount is in addition to the "Fall Colors Sale" prices we have currently running on both the main shop and on Etsy. Our discount code is only being announced on the blog, Twitter and Facebook.

OK, we've got to get back to listing items. We hope you find a few nice things in the shop, either as Xmas gifts or for yourself!

[12/2/2010 Edited: Sale is now over, but look for another one coming soon!]

Hi everyone, welcome back from T-Day. We're tremendously behind on getting our thrifted goodies photographed for the blog and the shop. So we're going to have to put them up in smaller "batches", rather than one gigantic photo.

You may recall some earlier luck we had at the thrift. Well, it seems the good fortune has continued, at least for now. We have a ton of stuff waiting to go up in both the main shop and Etsy outlet.

The tiny blue enamel teapot shown above is a bit of a mystery. We thought it might be related to the Michael Lax Copco one we had earlier, but it could very well also be a later production from Japan or Hong Kong. Incidentally, we recently came across ANOTHER Lax Copco kettle in the same blue. That one may go up in the shop, but we have to check our request list first to see if those folks are interested.

The Pyrex Flameware glass percolator in the back is in remarkable shape - we see these every so often, but they're usually not in very good shape, or are missing the glass tube insert and basket. We've tried making coffee in one of these before, but probably wouldn't recommend using it everyday.

The little Denwar Bantu cup in front was a nice find, but I think we might keep this one. Denwar was a California pottery that produced this very distinctive "egg-shaped" dinnerware style in a number of interestingly named speckled colors. This color is known as Gibi Green.

Lastly, another California pottery piece - a Gladding McBean Franciscan "Capistrano" Artware bowl. While this is a really nice piece, it's definitely going up in the shop because we just have too many of these bowls and planters. We don't know too much about this piece (and actually thought it was a La Mirada pottery item) but believe it was from an art ware line from around the 1940s and was #412 in the catalog.

All right, that's it for this thrift roundup. We'll try get more pics up soon, including an enormous set of Hornsea pottery that we came across. By the way, thank you to all the nice folks who left comments on the recent blog posts. We don't get a whole lot of visitors yet to the blog, so we really appreceiate it.

Earlier, we'd grumbled about the apparent lack of interesting items at thrift stores. They just seemed bereft of anything worth picking up.

Well, it's as if the thrift deities heard our complaining, because the last few forays into thriftland have been extremely fruitful. We now have a backlog of several yummy "thrift-run" pictures to put up, but we'll start with this one.

This thrifting run produced a combination of wonderful goodies plus some interesting unknown items. Starting off in the back row, that's a Dansk plastic petal tray designed by Gunnar Cyren but in an interesting clear purple color.

To the left of it is another Dansk item, but this one is a bit mysterious. We're certain the top and bottom wooden coasters are Dansk from Denmark, but we're uncertain if the glass vase is from Dansk as well, or if it was just packaged like this at the thrift store. The coasters do fit, but seem a little loose - to date, we haven't been able to find another item like this online. We'd appreciate it if anyone has any ideas...

In the front, starting on the left is a new-ish Kosta Boda Swedish "Snowball" glass candleholder. This one actually came with the original box and was originally sold from... Macy's! We've found another one of these recently, so we will be offering up the pair in the store very soon.

Next to the snowball is a nice yellow Descoware enamel "Special" skillet. We've earlier sold red and blue versions of this skillet, and while this yellow one has significant crazing, we don't expect it to last too long in our inventory.

The little giraffe next to the skillet is another Dansk silverplate animal paperweight - we love these animals, but this is only the second one we've come across after the earlier Elephant we found. They tend to get scooped up rather quickly at thrift stores.

In back of the giraffe is an interesting red enamel bowl that we originally thought might be a Finel item. However, the bottom of this bowl is actually that dark gray that we've seen on modern Dansk items. Completely unmarked on bottom, but we believe it to be a vintage item - more photos on this bowl to come later.

Lastly, we have a small vase that was originally an "Unknown" when we picked it up. But we did our research and found out it's actually a piece of Dutch pottery from a company called De Delftse Pauw. This pottery was actually established circa 1650! But our little vase is likely a modern piece from the 1960s-70s.

OK, we have a ton of other thrift photos to put up still - and we'll try to get these items up into the store or the Etsy outlet as soon as possible. Remember that we also have our Fall Colors sale still running for a couple more weeks.

One thing we've noticed while thrifting for items is that we seem to find things in bunches. That is - we'll find three La Gardo Tackett Schimd items during a period of 1 month, and then we won't find any others for the next half year. We're not sure why that is, but as long as we're find stuff, we're certainly not going to complain!

Earlier we'd posted about a number of nice Scandinavian items scored at the thrift. It turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg - here are three more items found just the week after that. (We actually found quite a bit more, but they just didn't all make it into this photo.)

We've found the Viking-themed Hoyrupp line from Nymolle before, but this time it was nice to get both a cup and saucer. They have several different patterns for this line, but they all have similar colors and subject material.

The little streamlined Arabia of Finland pitcher (creamer?) in the back is a really nice item that we wish we knew more about. We like the minimal design and wonder what the other items in the series might look like. It does have a stamp that dates it to 1964-71, but we haven't been able to find the name of the line yet

Interestingly, it also has the in-mold initials marked as "M.K." but we haven't been able to pair that up with a designer yet. The closest current shape seems to be the KoKo line, as seen on Arabia's site. If anyone knows more about which line it might be from, please let us know.

[Edit: Just found some items that seems to be consistent with ours - appears to be the Kilta line by Kaj Franck, designed in the early 50s and in production up until 1975. Apparently, it was one of Arabia's most popular tableware models, and it seems they re-introduced it in 1981 and re-christened it "Teema". It appears to be currently for sale on Iittala! I saw this called a "milk jar", and also a cruet which originally had a stopper.]

Lastly, the little angel candleholder is made by the same Nymolle company from Denmark that made the Hoyrup items. We're uncertain if this is actually a candleholder, though most sellers do refer to it as that. It has a "star shaped" opening that I was thinking would actually make it ideal as a small bud vase for flowers.

We've also seen these candleholders attributed at times to the well-known designer Jacob Bang. However, we haven't seen any proof of that yet, and we believe that it might be a mis-attribution. There are other candleholders that are definitely made by him that look different, and more consistent with his design work.

These items (and the rest of our the Scandinavian finds) should be making their way to the shop in a couple of days.

Hi everyone - it has been rather "rough" at thrift stores lately as far as finding new items for the shop has gone. I think you could say that at this point we are "beggars" rather than "choosers", LOL. We are hearing through the thrift grapevine that this seems to be the case around the country as well.

So we were somewhat pleasantly surprised to come across a few Scandinavianitems at thrift stores last week. These will soon be making their way into our shop and Etsy outlet.

We have a soft spot for any housewares from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland - whether or not they have a "modern" vibe or not. The 1980 collectible plate from Royal Copenhagen is not really something we would ordinarily get for the shop, but it was too reasonable to pass up. Side note: Did you know that the 1980s are considered vintage now? Ugh, I feel old. =)

The other two items are from Arabia of Finland. Actually, at a recent flea market this weekend we came across even more Arabia items, but they didn't make it into this photo. The Christmas plate with Santa and elves riding on a sleigh is a little subtle. I ordinarily wouldn't have even picked it up to look at it, but you know, thrift times are tough and I decided to just pick up EVERYTHING to look at it closer. When I saw it was from Arabia, it went into the shopping cart right away.

Apparently, it's a 1979 holiday plate series that has at least four different "motifs". We're uncertain of the designer. You can tell the design is pretty nice, however, when you take a closer look at it.

The cute Arabia teacups are also something we wouldn't have ordinarily picked up. This blue floral pattern looks a bit more traditional and is known as "Ali". However, we really like the way that the saucers have higher rims and the overall construction of these pieces is quite nice. We actually believe these might be demitasse cups as opposed to normal teacups. [Edit: these sold almost immediately in our Etsy store, we've since learned that they were made in the 1964-1974 range and the shape is by Kaarina Aho (known as the FC model or Palapeli) and the decoration is by the famous designer Raija Uosikkinen. More info in the Arabia Museum.]

OK - we'll post more of our finds as they come in. We're actually thinking of starting up a few features on this blog to encourage people to visit and comment. I think the thrifting angle might be one way to go, since so many of our shop acquisitions come from thrift stores.