Hi everyone - hope you've been having a great summer. So we've been scouring the flea markets on Sundays for more mod goodies, even in the recent raging California heat. Thankfully it's cooled a little. Still, we've noticed that the weather tends to affect our purchases. When it's 90 degrees out, we're a lot less likely to pick up a heavy Descoware teakettle or a big Gainey Ceramics planter.

No, we tend to look for smaller goodies. Actually, in general we've been trying to switch to more "smalls" than other large vintage items, unless those items are exceedingly rare or desirable. It's just tough to justify keeping inexpensive large items lying around in inventory. And our garage is getting full!

This past weekend we picked up the smaller ceramics shown above. As usual, we're still not certain which we will keep and which will go up in our shop. The Howard Pierce toad was a great pickup (and incidentally, from the same seller who had the Descoware teakettle we mentioned earlier). We actually know that this toad is a later Pierce creation - because it originally had a handwritten ink signature that read "Pierce 1990". While we're very familiar with Howard Pierce porcelain, we didn't realize that the ink washes off with just soap and water! Oops. It still has the "normal" Howard Pierce inkstamp on bottom, but still that was a bummer.

To the right of the frog is a nice little Robert Maxwell vase. His pottery has gained quite a bit in popularity, so it was nice to pick this one up at a reasonable price. More info about Maxwell is on our Potteries of California website. Remember that Pottery Craft / Treasure Craft ceramics are often incorrectly attributed to Maxwell. Those items, while often quite nice, were not designed by Maxwell and are always cast from molds instead of made by hand. But some Maxwell items ARE cast from molds too, and it makes it very difficult to tell because both Pottery Craft and Robert Maxwell items are often only marked with stickers which are frequently removed.

Above the vase is a little stoneware figural bottle or vase that we thought was kind of cool. We're uncertain where this is from, but our initial thought was that it was one of the many Japanese companies (like Otagiri) who made these type of stoneware items in the 70s-80s. It does have a sort of Scandinavian look to it, however. We thought this was vase at first, but it has a second hole on the back of the head that we thought might be an air-hole so that liquid can be poured out easier.

To the left of the figural bottle is a wonderful lavender and mint green William Manker pot. More info on Manker is on our Potteries of California website. We're not sure why, but occasionally we find Manker at the flea market at really reasonable prices. His work is well regarded, and probably predates the midcentury modern look by a decade or so . But we still really love his handmade ceramics. He always has really wonderful glazes and forms.

OK, back to the grind - we'll be hitting more flea markets and reporting our finds. But hopefully, the weather will stay cooler!

Hi everyone - we finally got a chance to update the main feature sale on our site. I think from now on we'll be switching out this sale every two months or so. We were going to try and do it every month, but have come to realize that we should probably keep the main sale up longer so more people can take advantage of it.

This time around, all vintage electronics in the main shop have been discounted. Apologies in advance - some of the items pictures aren't available yet on the site. A couple of reasons for this. Some of the items are currently in our Etsy store. But more importantly, we actually need to fix a few of the other goodies (like the record player and the orange Sankyo clock). We decided to show these items anyhow, because they'll probably be added as soon as we can get them in working order.

In addition, we still have a few electronics in storage which will be added in the coming weeks. This includes two rather rare Russel Wright electric trays, one for Appelman and the other for Cornwall. You might want to check back in a few weeks when we put these up.

We have to admit that the electronics currently on sale in the store are somewhat lacking. It's just so difficult to find working, undamaged vintage electronics at reasonable prices at our usual thrift / estate haunts. And there are some serious collectors of this stuff that tend to scoop up all the good ones very quickly. Add to this the fact that most electronics are quite clearly marked, and you have the reason why we don't have many of those items in stock!

We did find this spectacular modern Lloyd Lamp recently which we were almost tempted to keep. In our humble opinion, this little lamp beats other famous small lamps like the Lightolier Lytegem because so much thought has been put into its usability and compactness. The hinged arm lamp folds down into a slim cylinder and can be used like that as a nightlight. Much to love about this beautifully designed gem of a lamp.

Lamps are one of the few items that we've been able to find consistently. We were able to score this cool red ball lamp made by a company called Windsor. While this is sort of a "knock-off" of more prestigous lamps (like the Lytegem) and made in Hong Kong in the 70s, this stuff still gets snapped up really quickly in our experience. And it's nice how it also folds down to a compact size.

OK, so we have to admit we are a little surprised that our Presto Hot Dogger has not found a home yet! We had thought the conversation factor alone should have been enough. Well, if you were interested in it before, it's now on sale. Come on, you know you want to try cook hot dogs in it!

We also found yet another Mirror Go Lightly makeup mirror at an estate sale the other day. Our other one sold quite quickly - this one is a smaller version called the "Petite".

Lastly, this little Realistic radio is one of my favorites because it reminds me of a radio that my parents used to have in the 70s. Actually, I believe they still have it - although theirs was a much nicer Panasonic. We actually see quite a few radios like this in stores, but again it's just difficult to find them in good condition.

OK, hopefully we'll have more electronics to add to the sale in the next month or so. Check back every so often if there's a particular vintage electronic item you have in mind. We also have started a sort of "requests" list for items that you'd like to see in the store. So far, we have had over 10 different requests by folks. It's sort of an informal thing right now. You just contact us about the item your interested in, and we'll let you know when we get it in stock. Please keep in mind that we aren't a big store and that many of these items can be difficult to locate - it may take awhile for us to find the item you're interested in!