This post was originally entitled "August Goodies", but by the time we got around to finishing it, we realized that the month was already up! Whoops - I'm sure you know how that goes.

We've put quite a few items up in both the main shop and our Etsy outlet. Speaking of Etsy - the shop has still been doing pretty well. We still think that having both an independent shop and an Etsy outlet helps to target different sets of people looking for different vintage items. But we'll have to revisit this theory in awhile, perhaps after the holidays.

In any case, here are a few items that popped up lately in our Etsy store:

This is actually the second Finel mushroom enamel bowl we've found - our earlier one sold out rather quickly. It was designed by Kaj Franck and was made in Finland. The mushroom pattern just seems to be really popular with both the "cute" vintage and mid-century modern folks right now.

We were happy to come across this Brownie "Fiesta" camera the other day. This one is actually a Spanish model, probably made around 1962. We also found some Brownie 8mm movie cameras that we hope to put up in awhile.

Here's a lovely mod floral snack or cheese tray we nearly kept. Tend to have that problem a lot recently.

This vintage pink and gray tablecloth featuring chickens and roosters also caught our eye. Seems to be handmade or handsewn.

Some nice items recently went up on the main site too.

We almost kept this Cathrineholm lotus plate as well. It's so hard to let these enamels go when we collect them.

These Robert Maxwell mushrooms are fantastic midcentury modern examples of the famous potter's work. Very difficult to find these since they usually aren't marked. We also have a spectacular crackle glaze ashtray by Maxwell.

This wacky looking mustache-man decanter was actually made for Kahlua - we originally thought it was the La Gardo Tackett design, but it turns out that there are significant differences. We still aren't sure what the full story is on it, but it sure is a fun piece.

Those looking for more Descoware in our shop will be happy to see this saucepot with the "Autumn Leaves" design. We have a hard time keeping examples of Descoware in stock on the shop - they tend to sell out faster than other items for some reason.

Lastly, we came across the nice midcentury candleholdermade for Rosenthal-Netter. This hugely influential Italian company is really popular with the midmod kids nowadays. It can be difficult to identify, when the paper stickers on bottom are removed.

We have a few more special blog features planned for the blog, including a "Mad Men" post, so stay tuned!

It was a fight to get up early on a Saturday, but we decided to go on a mini garage sale run. It's pretty tough to find vintage modern objects at garage sales on a realiable basis. Most people have endless amounts of mass produced crap from the 80s and 90s instead of mass produced goodies from the 50s-70s.

The past couple of weekend garage sale expeditions had been fairly fruitless, but we did find a few goodies waiting for us today. We'd been looking for this Arabia of Finland cow pitcher designed by Kaj Franck for quite awhile now. We're actually surprised it took so long to come across one. They come in 2 or 3 different sizes and several different colors including green, blue, yellow and brown.

The Matthew Adams walrus shakers were a nice pickup. Adams (he's not the Adams who is Ansel Adams' grandson) was an employee of Sascha Brastoff who went on to produce his own ceramics in a similar style. This line seems very similar in theme to Brastoff's "Alaska" line, and features gold leaf hand decorated designs.

We also grabbed this quirky cocktail shaker made by the German metalwork company WMF (Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik), but haven't been able to find out anything about it yet. It looks to be about from the late 60s, though it's difficult to tell. We also aren't sure what animal this is supposed to be - a penguin? Or a duck? In any case, this one will probably show up in our Etsy shop soon.

We had a pretty successful "picking" session this week at some of the stores east of us near Pomona. The thing with picking is that you'll never have a great thrift run every single time. We find that only a combination of persistence, knowledge and luck (in that order for us) will result in a higher percentage of successful thrift store picking sessions.

This was one of those days where every store seemed to have something interesting. We actually left a ton of goodies behind because they weren't a good fit for the shop, or they were too pricey.

Starting on the top left of the photo, a nice steel blue US Pottery of Paramount #7 flower pot. We actually really like these California pots because they are often cheap (compared to Bauer, Metlox, etc.), come with a predrilled hole and are pretty good quality gardenware. We must have over 20 flowerpots and saucers now...

Next to that is a really weird black matte glazed vase with various colored glaze circles. We think this is probably West German - it is signed, but the only word we can make out is "Keramik". Interesting aquamarine blue interior glaze on it as well. Next to the vase is a nice Nissen Danish teak salad bowl with a serving fork. Unfortunately, we didn't find the serving spoon! On first glance we'd thought Nissen was a Japanese company - like Nissan, or Nissin noodles - but it turns out it's a Danish company that specialized in teak items like this.

The cheeseboard to the right of the Nissen bowl is a little obscurred. It's actually a rectangular teak board made by Goodwood. While these items are a little newer, we think that this one must be a slightly older model. One thing we like about this one is that it has lucite plastic handles along with teak wood, glass dome and ceramic cheese cutting board.

In the second row, starting from the left we have a familiar Pyrex casserole base that was a promotional called "Tree of Life". It's getting harder to find uncommon Pyrex promotionals - if you're interested in more info, we just happen to run the popular website Pyrex Love. Next to the Pyrex bowl is a beautiful red Emalox bowl from Norway. Emalox bowls are fairly common, but sort of difficult to find in good condition.

Next to the Emalox bowl is an unknown Italian flower pot with interesting sort of sgraffito technique. We aren't certain who might have made this, and it's often impossible to tell with pots like this that are just signed "Italy". The green mugs next to them are also Italian, but in this case they're signed with the company name which is Baldelli. Baldelli made some super cool ceramic banks in the shape of animals like owls and lions that we've been hoping to find one of these days.

Moving to the third row we have yet more unknown Italian ceramics. These two oval individual ashtrays also have an sgraffito design with multicolored splashes. We thought this looked similar to some of the Rosenthal Netter or Raymor Bitossi items, but we don't know enough yet to tell if they might be made for those companies. Rounding out the finds are a small vintage flower pot that we'll probably keep, an unknown mug with green/orange pattern that has similarities to a Stig Lindberg pattern (Bersa) and finally a Tensor desk lamp.

Ok, enough talking about the vintage goodies- we've got to work on putting more of them into the shop!