Just a quickie note that the A La Modern store, as well as the Etsy outlet, is going to be on hiatus for the next couple of weeks. We'll return on September 25. Right now we have it set so you can't buy anything while we're away. But if you're looking through the listings and see something you'd like, please contact us and we'll reserve that for you.

We'll leave you with two last thrift finds. This is an Annemarie Davidson jewel enamel plate in an orange color. We have the blue jewel plate so it was nice to find the orange one. We also found an Ernest Sohn Creations creamer and sugar to go with the pitcher we found earlier. Unfortunately, that pitcher had a crack, so we'll probably put just the sugar/creamer up in the store later.

OK, see you all soon!

Here's a little sneak peak of what's coming to the shop over the Labor Day weekend. Well, this photo is actually just the thrift items we found TODAY that are probably bound for the shop. We've got a serious backlog of other goodies to put up as well, and we hope to make some headway on that this weekend.

Kind of funny, but most of the things we found today were brown, white and black. From left to right, we started off with a nice little Italian vase that was made by De Simone. De Simone was started in the late 1940s in Palermo, Sicily. We need to do a bit more research on this company, but it's nice to have a starting point at least. Many, many Italian ceramic pieces (especially those that are just marked as "Italy") will likely never be identified. We have a few of those "unknowns" coming to the shop actually - we're hoping that someone might be able to recognize them.

Next to the vase is an amazing Eva Zeisel designed Hallcraft teapot in the "Tomorrow's Classic" line. While Crate and Barrel have actually reproduced this line as "Classic Century", the teapot we found is the original Hallcraft model in a plain white color. We could scarcely believe our luck, even though the spout is slightly chipped - the originals are getting pretty hard to find.

The little raccoon figurine next to the Zeisel teapot had us stumped at first. We knew it had to be made by a California pottery just because we're familiar with this sort of look. We thought it could possibly be by DeLee or Rio Hondo at first - but it turns out it's most likely a Robert Simmons figurine. This is rather nice - because we don't have any gallery pictures yet for Robert Simmons over on Potteries of California.

The modern stylized kitty cat with a white brown lava glaze is undoubtedly by Howard Pierce. This one is unmarked, which is a really good thing when you're able to recognize them! These faceless cats are hard to find, and were often sold in a set of two. We haven't decided yet whether to add this to our growing collection of Howard Pierce...

The little cat candleholder next to the Howard Pierce is probably a Japanese import, likely by Otagiri. We see these candleholders quite frequently, but we didn't have a cat (we have mostly owls) so we had to pick it up. Unfortunately, we believe it's missing its base.

Lastly, in the back are three brown Rosti mepal items made in Denmark. We would've rather had them in bright orange or red, but we're not complaining after finding three of them together! These wonderful plastic bowls are sometimes overlooked because people assume they're newer imports from China.

OK, hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend! Check back in the store for a whole bunch of new items that we'll be putting up over the holiday.