Hi everyone. Yep, a mid-week thrifting roundup! I've been slow with the updates even though we've found some fabulous things in the last couple weeks. It's been a rather tough time, especially near when Sandy hit... but, wait - we live on the West Coast? I won't get into it until next time, but I'll just say that my parents had a major "flood" at their house, freakishly and coincidentally the same day that Sandy was wreaking havoc on the east coast, and I was point person on getting the water out and fixing stuff at the time. Ugh.

But anyhow, the finds have been so good lately that I'm just going to run a short post for things I found TODAY. The other stuff will have to wait until next time. I just went to the post office today and ended up hitting a few thrift stores.

I picked up this simple tall creamer that I think is an Arabia Finland Kilta or Teema piece. It's not marked, but I've heard from other thrifters (and experienced it personally) that the stamps can wear off easily on this line. We've found this one in white before.

I spotted this plastic ice bucket and had a hunch it might be a designer piece. It's marked as Jean-Marc Gady, and it wasn't hard to find that he's a well regarded designer, albeit a newer one. This was a champagne bucket made for Moet & Chandon.

I'm a sucker for any Hyalyn Pottery, so I had to pick up this mustard yellow rectangular vase. When I first spotted it, I thought it might be a Bennington Pottery piece. It's marked on the bottom with Hyalyn 496.. anyone happen to know the line it's from?

I'm really supposed to be passing on this type of planter, but I just keep picking them up. This is from McAfee Gardens of San Gabriel.. the form and glaze treatment is slightly similar to Barbara Willis pieces, but they are not as well regarded. There's quite a few Willis "copycats", some better than others. The McAfee pieces are pretty nice in my opinion, but the demand is just not there yet. I have a pretty good collection of them - I'm planning on cornering the market on them in the future, haha...

Lastly, I couldn't believe it when I found this Otto Heino small cylinder vase at the last thrift that I stopped at. I'd actually picked it up once, and then put it down because I thought it might be a student piece. Something about the glaze, and the bottom marking started to bother me, so I went back to grab it. I then iPhone-d it in, checking with #thriftbreak and online. Sure enough, it turned out to be a Heino signature. It's not the most spectacular Heino piece, as far as glaze or forms go, but it's a great find for a thrift store, and the first Heino piece I've ever found.

OK, I'll be posting some of our better finds from the last few weeks next time. Happy thrifting!