Hi everyone. Fewer finds lately, though I've been hitting more thrifts than usual. It's a little discouraging sometimes - it definitely feels like the harder I make an effort to thrift, the fewer things are found. Makes me salty, but at least today's not the "end of the world", right?

Anyhow, I decided to start making shorter posts on the blog in future - less of a giant thrifting roundup and definitely less words. Good? I think so.

Today's finds:

Six of the smaller Eva Zeisel for Prestige cocktail glasses.. found these at same place I've previously found (and passed on) a lot of Stockholm pieces. Next to that are two more of the shorter IIttala Festivo candlesticks by Timo Sarpaneva. These aren't the signed ones - I probably should've passed them up, but the thrifting day was so unfruitful that I just couldn't leave them behind.

That is all for today. Have a nice holiday season!

Hi everyone. I've been having trouble lately getting motivated to make these thrifting blog posts. To combat this, I previously had the idea to do a #thriftbreak group roundup and use inlinkz for the link party (similar to Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures thrifting/flea market link parties - those are fine but the idea was to aggregate the folks who participate in the thriftbreak group). Turns out it's not free to have thumbnail images, and while I don't think the cost is prohibitive, it's a little difficult since we were going to share the link party responsibilities.

So we'd put that on the back burner - I'm considering hosting it myself over here, maybe after the new year, unless we figure out a group way. The whole point of doing it on a group shared blog is that the link party will be less susceptible to missing weeks - which I know has always been an issue.

Anyhow, I've had some good finds over the past month. I got really behind, so I'm only going to show some newer things.

... that is, except for this complete La Gardo Tackett "Nuts To You" server set that I picked up last month at the flea market. I couldn't believe it also had the box! I haven't been able to bring myself to list this one just yet, it's just too cool. Famous last words of the hoarder in me...

I'd been on the lookout for Tonala pieces made as a collaboration by Jorge Wilmot and Salvador Vazquez, since talking about it with Mid Mod Mom and others. This little owl that was found at the flea market is up in our Etsy shop already - I finally decided not to keep any of the ceramics from Mexico since we have too many collections.

This Robert Maxwell rhino was a surprise - it looks a little goofy, but I recognized it right away from pictures. It's from a short-lived series of "zoo animals" that Maxwell produced in the late 1960s. The usual animals we see from him are the U-Name-Its (beasties) - I haven't been able to find out too much about these yet, but know there were other animals in the series including a hippo.

Lastly, I was shocked to find this La Gardo Tackett egg head vase at a local estate - sitting untouched by anyone. It's much larger than I'd expected. I guess if you don't know what it is, it's a little bit off-putting for a lot of folks ("why don't you shut up" indeed!) . And for those who DO know what its intended purpose is - well, you might be put off likewise. Haha, you can look it up for yourselves...

Happy thrifting!