Hi everyone. Quite a few thrift stores visited, with only a smattering of goodies found. I'm not letting it get me too down yet, as January is usually bad for consistent thrifting. Here's what we found:

This German "fat lava" red cylinder vase was a nice find after a long day of fruitless searching. I think it's a Fohr Keramik piece as the number matches others we've seen. Ours has a little less of the crazy bubbling in the glaze that some of the other pieces we've seen exhibit.

The flea market has similarly been a bit dry for us. I have this feeling that I need to (further) expand into other areas when at the flea market in order to pick stuff to sell. It's nice to walk through them, though, especially right now when the weather isn't as hot. This unusual JIE Sweden bighorn sheep was the only thing I found last weekend. I usually see the dogs or the flower girl bud vases from JIE.

I've passed probably 3 or 4 of these Dorothy Thorpe chip dip sets previously, because they had too much damage or pieces missing. So I had to pick this one up since it was complete - it even has the lucite plastic holder instead of a metal one. These don't seem to command the same respect that the roly polys do, unfortunately, which is another reason I usually hesitate on buying them.

Lastly, it truly made my day to find this smaller blue striped Cathrineholm bowl to go with our larger one. I almost didn't visit this particular thrift. It was the last one on the route, and I'd found absolutely nothing through six stores. I'm so glad I dropped by, and it's a good reminder not to give up.

Happy thrifting!

Hi everyone. Happy New Year! I've been slow out of the gate for posting our new finds, here are a few of the things we've found toward the end of the year.

Found this interesting little Danish stoneware candleholder, marked from the area of Ebeltoft. Listed this one up already, but haven't been able to find out anything about the mark. There's a few other listings around that claim this is a Bjorn Wiinblad mark, but after consulting with one of the Thriftbreak folks we agree this looks nothing like his style and I've seen nothing to back up the claim. I think it could be a newer piece, but am not sure.

Picked up these fun newer Russian nesting doll glasses from Fred, more to use than to sell. We have some of the measuring cups from this series. Unfortunately, the Salvation army taped over the graphics and though we were careful to soak it before removing, it still took off some of the graphics. Geez, we hate tape in thrifts!

I think I've figured out that this nice little studio pot was made by Barbara Loebman a Santa Barbara potter and ceramics instructor. I believe it is a new-ish piece, but haven't found too much online about her work. Anyone know about her?

So - you may notice the quality of some of our product photos being a little "less" up to our usual standards. I've decided that all the "nice-nice" photography isn't really necessary for the items we sell on Ebay. I mean I'll still try my best, but if I have to take a photo at night with overhead lights, so be it. This is the first time I've come across the Taylor and Ng "Chien" dog bowl... too bad they don't also have a cat one that we would keep.

Last up, was happy to find this nice Jorge Wilmot elephant sitting on the shelf after a long day of fruitless thrifting. These have done well for us in the past, and they're a little harder to find than the similar Ken Edwards pieces.

Happy thrifting!