Hi everyone. I'm still trying to figure out how to go about combining a "pre-sale" with our weekly thrifting roundups, as mentioned last week. I'm running into a bit of a logistics problems with it, however. So far, the best time to hold these things seems to be on the weekend. However, the weekend is usually the busiest time with item aquisition - thrifting, estates and flea markets. That's usually my Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, respectively.

Add to that, the best time for us to take product photos is in the early mornings (I really don't like light tents). It's just very difficult to drive out to the locations, acquire items, clean/catalog them and get photos taken and processed in time for some sort of weekend sale.

I could take rough "preview" pics only first, and use that for the blog post. But that would just be extra work - the whole point is to try and make our blog posts work a little more for us, instead of having us work for them.

So I think for now, we'll just blog finds as normal. We'll focus on both items we've found the week(s) before, as well as any newer ones we happen to squeeze in. And we'll just provide the links to purchase the items if they're listed. But if they're not yet listed, you can always contact us or leave a comment if you're interested. We also just started using Pinterest so we'll list up new items there as well.

I'm not sure which line (if any) this Figgjo Flint child's cup from Norway is from. It's a great design with a parade of animals on the side.

Wooden memo box with velvet lined interior and bottom. It's made in Italy, and constructed really well but we haven't been able to figure out who it's by, though it's probably 1970s-80s.

I'm uncertain if this Robert Maxwell piece was a coaster or a pin dish, but it's already gone to a new home!

This was only the 3rd time I've found a Richard Saar piece. I knew immediately what it was - strange how it's also marked on the cover as well as base. This is already sold - it turns out it's going back to the family, which is always a cool thing.

Third time I've come across these interesting Rosendahl Sweden plastic carafes with teak handle and stopper. Ours had a bit of a hairline near the spout, so we had to reduce it a bit. They came in a bunch of colors - I've seen red, light orange, blue, green and black so far.

These Blenko water bottles seem to do decently for us - this one is in Chartreuse which was made 1948-1955.

I still grab these UCTCI weird animal figural pieces whenever I can, because customers seem to like them. First time I've found the lion mug.

Nabbed this little Desimone candleholder the other day at the thrift. They can sometimes fly under the radar, although they're usually prominently marked on bottom. It's already gone to a new home.

Great looking pottery deer from a yet to be identified manufacturer. I'm almost certain it's California - we've gone through quite a few of the names already with no luck matching it up. Someone had actually gone and put green paint all over the base of this little fellow, but we were able to take it off quite easily with rubbing alcohol. It's a good tip to look for these "ruined" pieces that can be restored, because you can get them at much cheaper prices.

I picked up this glass pitcher that was marked West Germany, but didn't know where to start. Maarit from Modern Squirrel let me know that it could be a Wagenfeld design. Still haven't found out for sure, but it does share some characteristics with Wagenfeld glass pieces, including the sticker on bottom which were on a pair of Wagenfeld WMF glass shakers I found later.

This Seppo Mallat for Finel casserole is actually an older item we've had on display. We decided to switch it out, so in case anyone is interested it's in our Etsy shop now.

We've started to list up some of our Kobenstyle, new finds as well as some older pieces. I came across this aqua Kobenstyle piece at an estate a few weeks ago - and while it was pricey, I knew that the demand was there. It fairly flew out the door, similar to the 3 qt aqua we had in the shop awhile back.

The same estate yielded up this red Kobenstyle teapot(?) with lid which seemed like an unusual item, so again I opted to pick it up at a decidedly un-thrifty price. I almost wanted to keep this one, but we've been trying to be good about it lately... especially since we've been hoarding Kobenstyle rectangular baking pans.

I found these 3 Gladding McBean El Patio ramekins at an estate, unmarked as usual for them. Unfortunately, I got home and found one had a crack so that one's not being listed.

The same day, I went to an estate at a really old (for our area) house from 1908. The house was stuck between a bunch of medical and office buildings - it turns out that back in the day, it was surrounded by farmland! I got this great looking Gladding Cielito vase.

But the prize at that older estate was this Pacific Pottery Hostess yellow teapot from the 1930s-40s. Great looking deco style streamlined piece - there was a few nibbles to the spout, but I couldn't believe just how great the condition was otherwise. It's even marked on the bottom, so I don't know how the estate folks missed it.

OK, we've got tons of other new items still in the queue - hopefully will get to many of them next week. Happy thrifting!

I wanted to take at least one photo of all the Cathrineholm striped pieces we have, before we (maybe) sell them. There's actually only these four, but it makes me a little nostalgic because each has a bit of history... with the exception of the black stripes bowl which was purchased just last week. We decided to hang onto most of the Lotus Cathrinehoard, but that could change too.