Hi everyone. I need to run through some of our thrift finds from a few weeks back. Listing inventory is increasingly taking more time, which leaves little for the blog. Here we go:

Earlier, I'd passed up three different red dala wooden horses because of the price. Also, they've been taking much longer to sell, as our friend Bea from Mid Mod Mom has noted ;) But I had to grab this one because the base color is black - I'd never come across one before, only red and blue so far. I'm not sure if this is an Olsson, but it seems similar.

Have also been passing up a lot of the UCTCI and Otagiri pieces. I got this little UCTCI bell though, because I'd been having a slow day at the thrifts.

This is the 2nd time I've found this Golden Treasury of Myths and Legends book, with illustrations by Provensen. Definitely worth picking up if you see it.. of course, I would've rather found the Golden Book of Biology with the Harper illustrations.

I was extremely pleased to find some Marimekko textiles yesterday - it was the first time I'd spotted them at the thrift. One pattern is by Maija Isola and the other is by Katsuji Wakisaka - the latter is the creator of those "Bo Boo" designs. I think these are newer reprints of 1970s patterns, though I'm not sure how to date them - the edging on back doesn't have the date, though it has the pattern names: "Villikaali" and "Markkinat".

I knew immediately what this JIE Gantofta Swedish bird bowl was, even though the mark has been obscurred. That JIE mark is very often hard to read - so keep an eye out for these pieces. There's a bit of damage on the one we found, but I couldn't resist it.

Several years back I passed up a big lot of Russel Wright Residential plastic dinnerware. I know it's not like it's super valuable, but I still regretted it later. So I was happy to find this divided vegetable, in the "velvet black" color.

And speaking of Russel Wright, I think I forgot to show a pic of the Iroquois Casual China teapot/coffee pot I picked up at an estate awhile back. I'd seen the photo in an estate listing, and when I got there it was (amazingly) still there. So I asked #thriftbreak what they got, and got some general encouragement even at the slightly higher price it was going for.

I believe this is the full size teapot/coffeepot, and not the After Dinner (AD coffee pot). I've been confused on the color - the lid is slightly different in shade than the body. I'd thought the whole thing was Ice Blue glaze and that the lid might've been different color because of manufacturing differences. A nice person on Etsy let me know that likely the coffee pot base is Powder Blue glaze, and was sold separately from the lid as a "pitcher". Later on, someone likely bought the lid (which is likely Ice Blue glaze), and turned it into a coffee pot.

Last up - Cathrineholm! Funny, this is from another sighting in an estate sale ad. I've sorta learned not to trust anything when it comes to estate photos, especially if the listing is in one of the major estate aggregator sites. Generally, there's just too many people looking and noticing things in the photos. So if you see something, you can bet others have. Also, I'm REALLY not into waking up at the crack of dawn and lining up, or putting my name down on one of those "lists". As I've mentioned before, I just think that whole game is stupid - so I was really surprised that the Cathrineholm bowl was still there after the estate had been open for an hour already. Three probable reasons why - high price, damage and green is probably one of the least popular colors. I wasn't about to pass on it though!

Hope you all have great thrifting this week!

Hi everyone. I just got back from the flea market, so I'm going to wait to post up those finds and a few other ones. I'm just going to lead off with Friday's finds. I had a decent thrift/estate outing which has been rather rare lately on Fridays.

Starting from the left, two Taylor and Ng mugs came home with me again. Yes, I know - more mugs! The Escargot French one is a really nice find, as it's a little more uncommon. The four sunny yellow-orange mugs are Midwinter Stonehenge from England. Really like the colors on these, and have been tempted to start collecting it to use (famous last words indeed).

I think the aqua glass vase in back is another Gullaskruf from Sweden, but this one seems to have thicker glass and is a bit taller. Need to check into it to see. The book next to it is probably for us to keep - Adventures in Stitches by Mariska Karasz with really cool illustrations and pictures from the 1950s.

For some reason there was a lot of enamel floating around. That's another red Emalox of Norway bowl, identical to one found a little while ago. I thought the yellow enamel bowl with the green dots in it might be a Hanova piece at first, but it turns out it's by Edward Winter. I couldn't resist the little Cathrineholm blue Strek Cathedral coaster plate even though there was only one of them and it was a little pricey.

The Tonala cat is actually a Jorge Wilmot and Salvador Vazquez collaboration. It has the conjoined "WV" on bottom. We often see people say that one of these cats is Wilmot or Wilmot-Vazquez when there's no mark at all, and the design is obviously not by them - and they're selling it for hundreds! It makes me a little #salty..

Finding any marked Bauer Pottery has become a little bit of a rarity for us at thrifts. Well, you can find it but it's usually priced pretty high. This is a green "pillow vase", I've found them in pink and gray speckle previously.

I'm certain the metal dog and cat ring holders aren't Walter Bosse pieces, but they were a fun pickup from one of the estates. These have rhinestone eyes - I think they might be imitations from Japan, but still probably have age to them.

I got a whole mess of Vera Neumann napkins and a tablecloth at another estate. Later on I found out that the black and white table cloth and 6 napkins did have quite a few stains - so maybe I should've passed. In fact, I'm not sure yet but we might be passing on more Vera - since Target is going to release a collection of scarves very soon. Not sure how that will affect the value of older ones - but the market on Vera scarves already seems to be oversaturated. I just hope they are going to mark the new ones in a way that'll enable us to easily tell the difference from the vintage ones..

Lastly - a bit of news to report from A La Modern headquarters. Linda has begun offering her Calligraphy services through Etsy. She's already taking various jobs, such as addressing envelopes for weddings and baby shower invites.

Please note - this is REAL hand-lettered calligraphy, not the font tracing or laser printing you see being offered everywhere. She's studied Calligraphy with some fairly famous folks, and right now she specializes in Copperplate and Casual Pointed Pen.

If you have any need of this type of work, please contact us as soon as you can, as we expect things to get more busy as wedding season approaches.

OK - Happy Thrifting!!

Hi everyone. Quite a few finds to recap, as I haven't had time to do anything but work on the backend of the shop lately. Getting right to it:

Lucked out and found a nice pile of Franciscan Starburst at a thrift. They had just put it out on the cart - and I couldn't believe TWO other people picked it up and put it down before I managed to get to it. This stuff is scarce, though surprisingly not that valuable - still this was only the 3rd time I'd found it.

Picked up this little Hoptimist-style springy fellow at an estate near us. The real ones were made by Gustav Erhenreich (believe they're still making them) in Denmark, but ours has already gone to another home!

I couldn't pass up this Figgjo Flint Lotte platter, even though we still have a number of items that haven't sold. Unusual for us to find them at thrifts, let alone in great condition like this one.

Nice small Japanese ceramic container that might actually be a cosmetics jar. It's from Toyotoki and the writing on the bottom is in Japanese - for once, it paid off for us that Linda can decipher the characters.

I picked this Italian ceramic planter with mid-mod graphics out of a house sale. It was covered in dirt, but I could see the colorful graphics underneath. I'm unsure the time period, but it's gotta be older right? I dunno - I've been wrong so many times with Italian ceramics...

Oh, in case anyone wants to take a shot at ID-ing the mark, here it is. I know these Italy items are pretty tough to nail down without further information.

Forgot if I posted up this unusual Zanesville Stoneage Modern piece that I found the other day - some of the #thriftbreakers chimed in to help with some real-time thoughts on whether this was ZSM or not. It was enough for me to pick it up. First time I've found this form, we have a bunch of the standard cylinders and pots.

Lastly, I managed to squeeze in a photo of the flea market finds today. Some nice stuff, though none of it was super cheap. Big Heath Ceramics ashtray in unusual gunmetal black glaze, bunny rabbit by Hildred Reents, Arabia Finland apple jar with no lid sadly, Desimone Italian bottle vase. And a curious ceramic penguin with lava type glaze attached to a piece of rock.

I'm interested if anyone sees what I see in the mark on the penguin shown here. It doesn't seem to be it, but... let me know if you agree, or happen to have another idea. [Update: Thanks to a nice person on twitter, this is ID-ed as Maigon Daga. So it wasn't what I'd thought, but still a cool find! ]

The new Mad Men season is starting up today - hooray! Happy thrifting!