Hi everyone. We're officially in our antique mall booth! The process of moving in has been very slow, and not without some difficulty. But it was exciting to finally set up a few of our things.

We still have a lot of other stuff to bring, and more "fixing up" to do. One problem we've been running into is finding suitable bookshelves and tables on which to display everything - our booth came pretty much empty. Obviously, you don't want to buy all of that stuff new - but you want it to look halfway decent, so thrifting booth furniture has been slow going.

One other issue is that we're 25 miles from the mall, so bringing goodies back and forth (and remembering to bring the right tools, screws, hardware, etc!) has been a little challenging. For instance, I'd forgotten to bring some shelves when we went last, so we just have to wait until next week's trip on those.

We met quite a few of the other dealers and talked to a few customers. Everyone was very friendly, though one thing I was a little surprised about was how much "sizing up" goes on among the different dealers and pickers. I think it's to be expected, but I just felt a little nervous because we were only just setting up.

The booth began to look better after we started hanging a few pieces of art on the walls. We were a little concerned at first b/c the lack of furnishings like shelving has necessitated putting a lot of things on the ground temporarily. I think we'll just have to fix this as we go, but hanging things on the walls does help to balance it out.

We also had to figure out a way to hide the back wall, which had an old covered-up doorway (yes a DOORWAY) built into it. In the end, we went with the curtain method, much like the one that hides our office closet. Luckily this mall pretty much lets you do whatever you want to your space, including building and painting.

In case anyone is in the area, we are at the Pomona Antique Mart:

Pomona Antique Mart
200 E. Second St.
Pomona CA 91766
M-Sun 11am-5pm

We're in space number 5, on the main floor area. There are a few other mid-mod type booths nearby us, some with pretty amazing, high-end stuff. The area also has 2 or 3 other antique malls, some art stores and the renovated American Museum of Ceramic Art is right around the corner.

Hi everyone. Skipping our usual thrift roundup for a bit of exciting news for us. We're going to be selling in an antique mall!

We haven't set up shop yet, but plunked down our deposit just last week. This has sort of been in the works for a few years now, but we'd had a hard time finding a suitable location and opening. We're excited about it, though a bit nervous since it involves rent. We've been meaning to try find a better way to sell those heavier pieces that are pain to ship. Having a physical space will also give us a better option for selling large items like furniture, should we choose to go down that route.

Anyhow, we'll be sure to post more in the future, as well as the location and pictures as we start to set up the booth. And if you happen to be in the area, we hope you'll stop by.

Happy thrifting (and antique shopping)!

We finally got a chance to put our David Weidman serigraph print up on the wall. A well-known illustrator throughout the 60s and 70s, his family is still active selling his work at the Weidman Gallery in Los Angeles and actually have a framing business going along with it.

This one is called Flower Tree (Green/Yellow) and was a limited edition of 200. I found it hiding in a corner at a church sale. Fairly certain it's older since the tape on the posterboard mat it sat in was disintegrating. Had a heck of a time getting it all off, which is the reason we only hung it on the wall today.

You may have noticed Weidman's work hanging on the walls in some of the episodes of Mad Men, particular Peggy's office area. Funny, she also has a kokeshi doll on her desk in some of the more recent episodes...

Hi everyone. Hope you had a good 4th weekend. I know this is a song you've heard before, but we're playing catch-up again with the thrift store finds. I hit the flea market today as well, but we'll save those for a mid-week thrift report.

These Hardanger Tinn salad servers were found awhile ago, but we just never put them up in the shop. Don't know much about the company, but was surprised to find them intact with original box.

This Nino Parrucca mug was found separately from...

this Nino Parrucca small souvenir dish. Funny how it happens, but we often find the same type of item at different thrifts on the same day.

I probably made a mistake picking up these vintage Tyrus Wong christmas cards. I knew they were mass productions and not screen-printed, but I'd never found any before. To make matters worse, they were framed but I couldn't see that they had been cut until I got them out. Probably will keep them. Tyrus Wong is a pretty famous asian-american illustrator who worked for Disney - he actually was responsible for some of the look of Bambi if I recall correctly. I knew of him through his design work for the Winfield Pottery company.

I'm curious about these three German teak slat trivets - I thought they had to be newer, but most of the new teak stuff is made in Thailand. Haven't heard of them from Germany - anyone have an idea? I figured that we would use them if they didn't sell.

I've seen a lot imitations of the Kosta Boda Atoll glass pieces designed by Anna Ehrner previously. I was never sure about them, but there was no mistaking these, which have both stickers and are etched on the bottom. Interestingly, the white candle does not have etching on the bottom - so if the sticker had been removed it might've flown under the radar.

First time I've picked up Iittala's Krouvi mugs designed by Oiva Toikka. We actually got these to keep - they still sell these at stores (Crate and Barrel I believe) so it might be for the best.

It was a shocker to find this biomorphic Freeman Lederman Tackett bottle at a thrift on Friday. This one has no writing on it, but it does have a partial FL sticker on bottom. I still regret the vinegar bottle I sold long ago, but finding this one is a definite step in making me feel better about it. It's defnitely a keeper for now (#famouslastwords).

We hit up a few antique malls we haven't been to in half a year at least. I was pleased to find this Jaru Art Products blue bear at a reasonable price. It's not marked, but I'm sure it's Jaru - they came in pairs and in different colors. I'm super tempted to keep it, but will probably list it up later on.

Linda spotted these Arabia Finland cup and saucer sets at another mall. I might've not known right away from the look that they were Arabia. Haven't been able to figure out the pattern - I checked the patterns at both Laatutavara and Replacements. The cup shape is different than most I've seen too - the closest I've seen is the cup shape for the Calypso pattern by Esteri Tomula. Anyone have an idea what the pattern is?

Saved the best for last - one antique booth had these orange and yellow Cathrineholm bowls just sitting there waiting for us. I hesitated at the price for a second, but confirmed with #thriftbreak that it was reasonable. Then we saw the 15% off on the booth and there was no question! The also had a CH saucepot in green, but it was missing the lid so we left it. These two bowls are going into the collection/hoard. I think we are going to have to make a decision soon about whether to KEEP ALL THE CATHRINEHOLM, lol...

Happy Thrifting!