Descoware Teakettle
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A difficult to find Descoware teakettle in their famous flame red-orange enamel glaze. Descoware was Julia Child’s favorite enamelware, and the company later turned into the famous Le Creuset company. The vintage cast iron ware comes in many colors, but the most widely known is this orange-red fade enamel.

This teakettle includes a small lid attached by a clasp to a chain which is affixed to the handle of the teakettle. The copper and wood handle is riveted to the top of the teapot. This is a very sturdily constructed kettle and made to last – it weighs nearly 5 pounds. Kettle measures about 6 inches from bottom to top of lid. If you include the handle, it measures about 9 3/4 inches tall.

For its age, this teakettle is in very remarkable condition. We’ve only ever seen two or three teakettles for sale online, and in general it’s very difficult to find ones in good condition. The enamel on the body of the kettle is nearly perfect with no chips we can see. The lid has one chip to the enamel on the rim, perhaps 3/8″ long, and some wear to the rim bottom. The handle and connecting rivets have considerable wear, and the chain connecting the lid to handle has some rust. The red paint on the handle has nearly come off all the way, but is still sturdy – it may be possible to refinish the paint, but we’ll leave that part up to you. Please see the accompanying photos for more details of wear.

A lovely enamel piece for your kitchen – this kettle would sure brighten up your morning tea!

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