Happy April Fool's Day! Well, no fooling - we just got through putting up a number of nice Heath Ceramics items up into the shop. We'll refrain from going too far into the details about the company - if you're interested there's more information up on the Potteries of California website. But I don't think there's any disagreement that this company was, and still is, one of the greats as far as California ceramic companies go.

One of the most interesting things about Heath is that many of Edith Heath's classic shapes, as well as her coloration and glazes, have not changed at all in over 60 years. This makes it somewhat difficult to identify vintage items versus newer items, since Heath still produces many of the same lines today. This is not really a problem though, since the vintage items go so well with the newer items. Heath's attention to detail and production aesthetics have not changed one bit today.

This beautiful one quart pitcher is one of our favorites and is meant to complement any of Heath's lines. Stylish and functional, it would be a great addition to your Heath collection.

Iconic "Studio Mug" from Heath features an extra long handle that's attached to the body very low on the base of the cup. This mug is instantly recognizable as a Heath design and to this day, they still apply the long handles individually to each mug.

We haven't been able to figure out if this small Heath dessert bowl is a vintage item or not - but we believe it might be the "Pumpkin" glaze that isn't sold today. The orange interior of the bowl is speckled with white.

One of the few Plaza line items we've ever come across is this sake cup and condiment saucer combo. These are definitely newer items - the condiment tray has a current paper label on the bottom. We have a feeling that these may be have given out as wedding favors because we found them together as a set.

This large Heath Casserole is also currently still being manufactured, though the speckled beige glaze with darker brown shading toward the top appears to be a vintage one. Hard to find these larger Heath items in good condition if you're not buying them new.

Finally, we still have a large selection of these Heath ashtrays in the store - while you may not smoke, these are classic designs that would be great decorative items in any mid-century modern setting.