Kahlua Decanter
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A fantastic and quirky vintage decanter from Kahlua. We’ve done some research on this bottle, which originally was sold as Kahlua Black Russian (Ruso Negro) in the 1970s, and we believe that La Gardo Tackett was the designer on it.

However – we’ve seen the actual Tackett / Kahlua decanter and while it is nearly identical in design, there are quite a few overall differences. We’re still not sure why this would be, especially since it has the original “Kahlua” identification sticker on the back. It’s unlikely that Kahlua would purposely make another bottle so similar to Tackett’s design. But we believe it may have something to do with the fact that this particular decanter was made in Mexico. Perhaps they could not get the rights to use Tackett’s design, so they created one that very closely resembled it.

The differences are that Tackett’s original bottle had the design painted or printed onto the bottle, while this one actually contains details of the design within the mold which was later painted with glaze. The face is a little different, and the back of the head is glazed black instead of being plain white. As stated, it also has a sticker in Spanish on the back, and the bottom of the bottle is marked with “Luxo Lier Mexico”.

Even though there are so many similarities, we still hesitate to call this a La Gardo Tackett design until we can find more information about the decanter. Still, it would be a wonderful addition to a collection of vintage bottles or drinkware.

In good condition, but with quite a bit of crazing and staining near the bottom (see photos). The sticker on back is partially missing. The cork is not the original (we believe they were sold with plastic topped corks) but we’ll include it. No major damage, but one small flake to the glaze on the “ear” without the cork in it, and another small one on the front of the head. Measures about 10 1/2 inches tall, and is about 4 inches wide and 3 inches deep.

[Please Note: This decanter has sold. We did NOT try to sell it for $400 as was stated erroneously by the Harry Rinker website. We listed and sold it for $40. An extra zero makes a big difference!

It is also STILL unclear to us whether or not this bottle was produced in an official fashion, or if it is just a copy. His answer in the Q&A portion on the site seems to assume from what he's gathered online that this is definitely not a "real" bottle. As we've said, we personally DON'T KNOW, and as far as we can tell that information is not out there so you can't assume that this is the case. You can say that it is HIGHLY LIKELY, but you can't state with certainty that it has nothing to do with Tackett's original design.

In any case, we were very clear in the description about our doubts - this is often the best course of action for sellers when you truly don't know the heritage or provenance of a vintage item, and you don't have the resources at your disposal to investigate further. Just saying...]

Sorry, this item has sold. If you'd like to be notified when we get another in stock, please contact us.

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