Metlox Mixing Bowl
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Lovely, pastel green Metlox mixing bowl from the #70-76 series. This series was originally released around 1935 and meant to complement Metlox’s “200 Series” of solid color pottery items. The set was known as a Rainbow assortment and was released both in standard glaze darker colors, and in pastel satin-matte glaze colors. The mixing bowls were discontinued by the 1940s.

This #73 size bowl has a sort of mint green pastel shade, and is in excellent condition for its age. Little signs of use or wear, with no cracks or chips that we can see. We have rarely seen Metlox bowls of this age that look this nice. There are a few tiny pinhead glaze pops here and there, but we believe this is normal for this type of pottery. Marked on the bottom inmold with “Metlox 73 U.S.A.”.

Bowl measures about 8″ in diameter and is about 4.25″ tall.

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