Mirror Go Lightly
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Vanity, thy name is vintage. This is a fab portable lighted makeup mirror distributed by a company called Victory/Puretec in Culver City. We think the name “Mirror Go Lightly” is an excellent pun – what happened to great names like this?

This Mirror Go Lightly includes both the plastic carrying case and the original box which calls it a “Balanced Light Makeup Mirror”. It also has a “Style” number of 1010. This particular one looks a little different than others we’ve seen – it has some flourishes on the plastic housing that we haven’t seen before.

You could take this along with you on your next trip, or just use it around the house. Features four light bulbs and a tilting, reversible mirror with one side functioning as a magnifying zoom. The mirror housing is a durable white colored plastic, and it has a six foot extension cord with a built in click-switch for easy on-off operation. There is a folding wire metal stand on the back that lets you prop the mirror up.

MIrror appears to be in good condition with very little wear or scratches. The vanity mirror itself is in great shape, though it could use a cleaning. The wire metal stand has a bit of pitting or rust, but is in functional order. The bulbs all work, though we can’t guarantee the life on them, since they appear to be the originals. This mirror probably dates from the early 70s.

Measures approximately 13.5″ by 8.5″ by 2.5″.

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