Hi everyone. Some exciting news to report - we've been on the lookout in the new season of Mad Men for a glimpse of some of the items that were purchased by the show from our antique booth in Pomona. So far, we hadn't seen any in the actual show (as far as we know). But the other day we came across an online photo slideshow of the Mad Men sets on Interior Design.

Photo © by Eric Laignel, from Interior Design

Here's the very last photo of the slideshow, showing the balcony at Megan Draper’s new Los Angeles bungalow bedroom. And there's our Bitossi Rimini Blu bowl!!

I'm unsure if it may've been shown already in one of the recent episodes, I can't remember if the balcony appeared in detail. Definitely going to take a second look to see if we can spot it. Here's the actual bowl in closeup:

You'll notice it's got some chips and wear - funny story, that. I'd had it in our Etsy shop for awhile without any takers. I think it might've been because while it's a great piece, it's by no means uncommon. Also - it did have that wear. So we ended up taking it out to our booth - we had no idea that the Mad Men team was going to shop there!

We're still keeping an eye out for the other two items that were purchased. I'm guessing that many of the props don't even make it to the sets, especially the smalls. Still - we're hoping to see them in a future episode!

P.S. If you happen to be in the area, stop by our booth! We are at:

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