Aaarikka Wood Figures

A charming set of wooden figures from Aarikka in Finland. According to the Aarikka museum website, these two wood sculptures were known as "The Lapps Maarit and Aslak" and were designed in 1986 by Kaija Aarikka. The design was meant to reflect the traditional Sami (Laplander) culture and dress. Heavy wood construction with red felt decoration - uncertain the type of wood, it may be pine or birch. Marked on the bottom with the Aarikka Finland stamp.

In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. Some light wear to wood, mostly small scuffs and scratches, but overall in great shape. Red felt decor is secure, but certain portions appear a little loose - unsure if it is meant that way or not. The wood may have darkened a little with age.

Measures about 6 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches widest.