Aharon Bezalel Sculpture

An amazing modern stylized, wall of figures cast metal sculpture attached to a tall wooden wall designed by the noted Israeli artist Aharon Bezalel (1926-2012). We have seen this piece on his main website entitled "Family of Man" with a date of 1972 - that piece is said to be cast silver, but unsure what the composition of the metal in ours is. Also, unknown type of wood for the base. Please see the Aharon Bezalel website for biography and more information. There is an attached metal plate reading: "Aharon Bezalel" on the side of wood base, along with incised "1972" mark.

In good vintage condition with no cracks or chips. Some light wear here and there, we are uncertain about the finishing process on this piece - some of the metal areas appear jagged or rough but we can't tell if that is damage or finishing. When compared to the one on the Aharon Bezalel website, our piece appears to be the same and in fact the one on the site appears to have a missing piece on the end. Light wear to the wood here and there. Dust and debris on the metal.

Measures about 14" tallest, wood is 7 5/8" wide, 2 5/8" wide at base.