Allan Ebeling Vase

An amazing handthrown vase by the well-known sculptor, potter and painter Allan Ebeling. We believe this piece was created in the 40s or 50s. It certainly dates to after he moved to Torshalla, Sweden to start his own workshop in 1936. Ebeling was originally from New York, but came to Sweden as a young man to study as a painter in 1908. He only later worked in ceramics, spending time at both Boberg and Upsala Ekeby in the 1920s. There actually is an Ebeling Museum in Torshalla with his paintings, ceramics and sculptures.

Wonderful ochre yellow to dark olive green coloration in the glaze on this piece. Interior is a lighter orange tan blending into the same ochre color.

In very good vintage condition, with some pock marks, glaze bubbles and variations in the glaze. There is a slight scratch or knock to the glaze on side - it does not extend through to the other side, but you can feel it. There seems to be a slight chip out of the footer base - but that may actually be a result of the glaze becoming stuck to the stilt during firing. Some very light crazing to interior bottom.

Vase measures approximately 2 3/4" tall, 4 1/2" in diameter at mouth and 6" at widest point.

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