Arabia Floral Bowl

A beautiful terracotta decorative bowl or dish from Arabia of Finland. Shape of the bowl is a sort of wavy square. The decorative flowers on the dish are part of the glaze, but the red glaze accents shown actually appear to have been painted on afterwards.

We've been trying to find out more about this "ARA" line that was made by Arabia. Apparently, ARA was begun in the 1930s as an ornamental decoration line meant for budget conscious consumers. Its design was spearheaded by Kurt Ekholm, who was artistic director for the company from 1932-1948. While he did personally design some of the ARA line, it's unclear (at least to us) which items were made by him since they don't appear to have any identifying marks beyond the factory stamp.

In good condition, a few pin holes here and there - the red paint that has been applied on top of the glaze to accent the flowers seems to be a bit fragile and has crackled a bit.

Measures about 5 inches across and 1 1/4 inches tall. Great little piece to add to your Scandanavian collection.