Arabia Kilta Creamer

Lovely slender creamer designed by Kaj Franck for Arabia of Finland. We have read conflicting information about this line, but most say it was indeed designed by Kaj Franck in the late 1940s. Apparently, while the Arabia line was eventually called "Kilta", the original design may have pre-dated that. We have also heard that this was awarded the Grand Prix at the Milan triennial in 1957.

The Kilta line appears to have been made from the 1950s up until the 1975, and was one of Arabia's most popular models. We have also heard it was re-introduced later as the "Teema" line, and it appears to still be sold through Iittala. We are a bit confused as to the date of ours, as it seems to have an Arabia stamp that corresponds to items made for the home and export market from 1964-1971. We believe ours to be vintage, but we'll have to let the buyer decide for themselves as we can't verify its age.

More information on the Kilta line is available on the Arabia of Finland site.

Marked on the bottom with the Arabia crown and "Arabia Made in Finland 2", along with an inmold marking of "M.K."

In excellent condition with no damage. We believe that the originals may have come with a cork stopper.

Creamer measures about 5" tall and 2.25" wide at the mouth and 2.75" wide at the base.