Bauer Yellow Carnation Jar

Great looking, hand-thrown yellow vase, attributed to Bauer Pottery and possibly a carnation jar vase by Matt Carlton. Am describing it like this, because am not an expert in these pieces and not handled enough of them - but this was the first thing we thought of. The color, general shape and construction seem right, but it appears a little too squat and doesn't flare out enough at top. The bottom is also glazed, most of the ones I've seen have not been. However, the dimensions match up with one of the sizes listed in a Bauer advert seen in Chipman's book (6x8 inches).

Also thought maybe it was a 553 stock vase, but the size is wrong and there is no lip on the top. In any case, if you happen to know for certain what this vase is would appreciate if you could let us know.(Please, be kind - we DID try to research it quite a bit. And would like to see a picture or some other proof.) If it's not Bauer, then it's definitely a maker from similar time period.

In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. Some glaze slag, pops, roughness on bottom. Some glazed over manufacturing imperfections, one glazed over divot on rim - see last photo.

Measures about 6" wide at top, 8" tall.

PRICE: $200.00