Bennington Potters Moose Candle Holder

A rare, majestic ceramic moose sculptural candleholder from Bennington Potters. This fantastic beast is posed with its head down on the ground as if grazing, and is constructed of one large piece of pottery as the body and an attached rack of antlers with six candle holes. Tan brown matte glaze with unglazed portions on the feet. We haven't seen this piece very often - most often we come across the banks (such as the lion, horse, hippo and owl). Uncertain as to the designer, but have heard it could be Yusuke Aida, who worked with David Gil. Unmarked on the bottom, although there may be something written underneath the glaze on the belly.

In good vintage condition with no cracks or damage. Some pops and roughness to glaze, manufacturing firing lines here and there. Some candle wax in the horns.

Measures about 11 inches long, head is about 5 inches wide. Candleholder horn holes measure between 3/8 and 1/2 inches in diameter.

PRICE: $300.00