Bennington Trigger Mugs

Two classic "Trigger Mugs" from Bennington Potters, in a sort of teal-gray glaze. The matte glaze color is somewhat different than in the photos, the color is much darker and less bright blue. I believe that these were David Gil's designs. We see these mugs in various different colors including this green-blue color, white, beige, and sponged blue, pink and green. Marked on the bottom with Bennington Potters 1340 and the spark / hand mark.

The condition is pretty good on these, with usual pop glazes and imperfections typical of the company. Two condition issues - one mug has a pop glaze on the handle (shown in 2nd photo) and what looks like a small flake off the foot (shown in 4th photo). The other mug has what looks like a small hairline on the rim (shown in 3rd photo). However, it seems to be under the glaze, or it's a very tight hairline since there is no indentation at all on the glaze.

Mugs are about 4" tall and 3" in diameter.