Bertil Vallien Pottery Creature

A fabulous and likely unique abstract modernist stoneware sculpture by Bertil Vallien. This is a very unusual, handbuilt solid piece that appears to be some sort of mythical horse creature that is portrayed flying through the air with feet outstretched. While we haven't seen any like this one online, we did see several similar hand constructed horse figurines that date around 1961-63, near when Vallien was working with Hal Fromhold in the USA. Indeed, the piece is a little reminiscient of the Fromhold pieces.

The sculpture is made of rough stoneware with brown glaze swirled with black-blue. The base has a hexagonal hole with a little glue around it, leading us to believe that this may have been mounted on a pole (would make sense as the horse looks like it's flying). Would look great in a mid century modern setting or with other ceramic sculptures. Marked on bottom with "Vallien" in script. Do not see the standard Fromhold mark anywhere.

In good vintage condition, with no damage. As this is a handbuilt studio piece there are lots of aberrations in the form, clay and glaze. Believe there are some firing glaze flakes or starts of flakes on the top of neck, but that these are again related to manufacturing. Pops to glaze here and there

Measures about 9 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" wide.