Bitossi Horse Sculpture

A fantastic Bitossi Italian orange and brown horse sculpture. We've had this particular horse shape a lot less than the standard one with the saddle. Fairly certain this is Bitossi because we've seen the exact form with what looks like Rimini Blu treatment. But the designs and colors on our horse are very different than the usual style. Construction is rough formed stoneware clay, typical of Bitossi pieces, stylized form with mane and tail. Chocolate brown paint over the entire main body, incised with circular and line decorations that are glazed orange and black. There does not appear to be the usual "Italy" marking on the base of horse, but it could be obscurred by the paint.

In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. The exception is a flake/chip off the bottom of one foot, we aren't certain if this is related to pulloff in the kiln but more likely it was chipped after. However, it does not really show at all when the horse is viewed normally. Some pops, a few small nicks in the glaze, some indentations in the clay from manufacturing - extremely common on these rougher Italian pieces. Firing hole is on the bottom, and there is a bit of leftover clay from that that has fallen into the center so that the horse rattles when shaken.

Measures about 9 1/4" tall, 10" long, 3 3/4" wide.