Boda Nova Serving Dishes

Two (2) unusual glass serving dishes with cork trivet bottom by Boda Nova, in the original orange striped box. There's a booklet which states that these are "2 portion-sized forms". Heat resistant glass, along with a plain cork trivet that is marked the "Boda Nova Sweden" on the bottom. We've had a number of different items in this line previously.

Formed in 1971, this company was from the same group as the Swedish Kosta and Boda glasswork companies - it currently still exists, but they do not currently sell this item. We have been wondering if this line was the pre-cursor to the items that became Bodum - the cork mat bottom in particular is nearly identical. In our booklet, it said this was a "new" company so we're assuming this item is from the early 1970s. We're not sure about the designer, but believe it might have been Signe Persson-Melin. We are certain she designed a cork handled glass teapot with a hot rack that is listed in this line in the booklet we have.

In excellent vintage condition with no damage - items appear to be unused for the most part.

Serving dishes measure about 4" in diameter and about 2.5" tall with the trivet.