Bybee Water Bottle

A lovely pale-green water bottle or vessel, attributed to Bybee Pottery. Heavy yellow clay construction on this very nice form. Originally, I'd thought this was some sort of Bauer piece, because that is what I've seen most often here on the West coast. I'm uncertain if this original had a stopper or not. Apologies, we're not that familar with Bybee at all - but a friend helped to run this by a few knowledgable collectors who said it was a Kentucky Cornelison Bybee piece, probably from around 1930-1950. Unsigned on the unglazed bottom.

In good condition with no cracks or chips. There are a few small nicks on side (see 3rd photo), could possibly be part of burst bubbles in the glaze but unsure. Moderate crazing throughout, some pops to glaze.

Measures about 7 3/4" tall, 1 3/4" wide at top, 3 1/2" wide at base. About 6" at widest point. Neck is about 2 3/4" long.