Modern Bird Sunburst Wall Hangings

A fantastic set of two (2) Curtis Jere style birds in flight on sunburst rays sculptures. These aren't Jere, though they are often identified as such. We've also seen the name "Friedle Bros." attached to these pieces, but still haven't seen one with an original tag or sticker. Composition appears to be brass and the birds could be a mixture of copper, tin and/or brass. There is a hanging bracket on the back along with 2 other feet that allow them to sit flat but offset on the wall. Would look great in a mid century modern room.

In good condition, with nothing broken we can see. However, some bending and tarnish to the birds, and possibly some bending of the rays that could probably be reversed. Lots of dust, dirt and tarnish - probably could be cleaned but we weren't certain how the metal would react so decided to leave it. Wings and body of birds are extremely thin metal and can be easily re-bent if desired. Displays very well still, but price reflects the wear.

Measures about 10 1/4" wide each, about 2" deep offset for the wall bracket.