Dansk Kobenstyle Fondue

Wonderful and highly desirable vintage Dansk enamel fondue pot with iron and teak footed stand. This fondue pot is in the popular Kobenstyle line and was designed by Jens H. Quistgaard. You may notice Kobenstyle being displayed and used prominently in Rachel Ray's kitchen setup on 30 Minute Meals - it has become a lot more popular after it started to appear on her shows.

We've seen two different kinds of iron bases for these Kobenstyle fondues - there is a different type that is circular and completely iron with no wood. We believe ours is the more desirable model that has the four teak base feet.

You usually see these fondue pots without the iron base. This fondue set is nearly complete, except that it is missing the wooden handle iron heat-source cover that fits on top of the candle holder iron base. This is reflected in the price.

The pot is marked on bottom "Dansk Designs Fance JHQ". The iron base is marked on bottom "Dansk Designs Denmark JHQ copyright". This would be a wonderful centerpiece for a mid century modern or Scandinavian room.

The entire fondue is in remarkably good condition for it's age. Lid has a tiny bit of crackle on top where the handle meets the lid. Base is in excellent condition - the iron has a bit of calcification on it and shows slight rust on some of the legs. The teak feet are in good condition, one of them has a slight dent on the side. The pot itself is in excellent shape - a few tiny dings to the rim which once again can't be seen when the lid is on. The wood handle has a slight age crack and seems a little loose. It's attached by a screw to the pot - we haven't attempted to remove the handle, perhaps it could be tightened.

The pot measures about 7 inches in diameter, with the handle measuring about 5 inches long. Lid is about 5 3/4 inches across. Iron base is about 6 1/2 inches across and 4 3/4 inches tall.