David Douglas Cups

A wonderful set of glass tumblers with removable plastic coaster bottoms by David Douglas. Six tumblers in this set with different colored plastic bottoms - two red, two green, one yellow and one white. We're curious about the origins of these tumblers - we believe them to be mid-century vintage items. The rumor is that they were handed out as collectibles at service stations, but we haven't been able to positively confirm that.

David Douglas is a bit of a mystery himself, much like the Georges Briard name. We've come across the name most often on Pyrex carafes and other glassware, but this is the first time we've seen cups like this that have a plastic bottom made of something called "Accalac". Bottom of the plastic reads "Designer Collection by David Douglas Pat Pend Made of Genuine Accalac".

Please note, Digsmed wooden lazy susan shown with cups in last picture is not included with these cups.

The bottom of each glass cup has ridges that grip the plastic. Some of the removable coaster bottoms are a bit loose, but they're otherwise in great condition. No chips or damage to any of the glass tumblers at all. The plastic has a bit of wear at certain places.

Tumblers hold about 10 ounces. They measure 3 1/4 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall. With the coaster, add another 1/4 inch or so.