Descoware Orange Skillet

This is a standard Descoware 8-inch skillet in the popular flame red-orange color. Descoware was Julia Child's favorite enamelware, and the company later turned into the famous Le Creuset company. The vintage cast iron ware comes in many colors, and the most widely known is this orange-red fade enamel.

We believe this type of skillet may have originally come with a lid, but we're not sure if it was also an option to buy it without the lid. Marked on the bottom with both an inkstamp and imprint into the cast iron: "81-C 19 P - Descoware Special Made in Belgium - FE Belgium". We've read that the "Special" does not refer to the color but to the size of the skillet.

In great used condition with some wear. There are some usage and metal marks to the enamel, but not very much. Very little damage to the enamel and no major chips we can see - there is some wear to the enamel on the underside of the handle as seen in the 4th picture. The inner white enamel is in good condition but has the crackled look on the bottom (this is not crazing from what we've read) as do nearly all Descoware items of this age. None of the condition issues affect its usage in the kitchen or as a purely decorative piece.

Skillet measures 8 inches from spout to spout and the handle is about 5 inches long. The pan depth is about 1 1/2 inches.