Dorothy Thorpe Chip N Dip

Stunning Dorothy Thorpe "Silver Band" Chip N Dip serving set. Thorpe was an artist and designer who was well known for her silver banded glass decoration on glassware, but her items have exploded in popularity recently due to their frequent appearance on the AMC show Mad Men. This set would be a great way to round out your mid century style barware or to spice up your Mad Men themed party!

It's interesting that the silver band on these items are applied on both the inside and outside rims of the glass - this is nice because it sort of hides any wear which is pretty much unavoidable on these items. We have sometime seen this set called a "punch bowl" set instead of a Chip n Dip. It could probably be used for either purpose. Set includes a larger chip bowl, smaller dip bowl and a wire cradle for holding both. Unfortunately, there is a "shot glass" that goes with this set that is missing - there is a receptacle for that in the wire cradle. If we do find the shot glass separately, we will be adding it to this set.

In good vintage condition with no cracks or chips to the glass. However, there are some areas of wear to the silver on the bowls. Most of the silver loss is on the inside of the bowls. See the 4th and 5th photos - the large bowl has an area of loss where the cradle rests. The small bowl has wear, also on the inside rim. The metal bracket is in good condition. It was actually coated with rubber or plastic on the ends where it attaches to the bowls to lessen scratching, but some of this coating has come off.

Large bowl measures about 6 inches tall and 10 1/2 inches across. Small bowl measures 2 1/2 inches tall and 5 1/4 inches across.