Edward Winter Enamel

Amazing, magenta-colored enamel over copper bowl by Edward Winter. Winter was actually a famed American modern designer and enamelist, who pioneered techniques for enameling copper and other metals. We actually are not certain if this was made by Edward Winter or his wife Thelma - it is definitely one of the two and we lean toward this being a piece from Edward.

Bowl is solid color light magenta, with hints of cloudiness and variation in the color near the edges. Exterior of bowl is white. Fully signed on back with "Winter". This would be a great addition to your collection of enamels, or would look nice in a midcentury modern home setting.

In great condition, with a few scuffs and light scratches to the interior. Very little damage to the enamel - one tiny 1/16" fleabite on the back of the rim.

Bowl measures about 6 1/2" wide and about 1 1/4" tall.