Eva Zeisel Bird Shaker

A very rare Eva Zeisel Fine Stoneware large bird form salt shaker, likely manufactured by Hollydale Pottery in 1957. This is a large pottery shaker, 3 holes on top, believe that this particular bird shaker is from the short-lived 2nd chapter of the production of these pieces - by Hollydale Pottery in California. Usually see these items with patterns on them (Colonial, Lyric, etc.) but they had several solid color glazes as well. One of them listed was known as "Andante White" and guessing this is the glaze on ours. It's a cream color satin matte glaze with very sparse tiny brown dots. Have not found any other references to Andante White online. Form is shown in the Eva Zeisel book by Kirkham, Moore and Wolfframm on page 194, figure 5, and is referred to as a Large Salt. Unmarked, no stopper.

In good vintage condition, but with some fleabites and chipping to the bill area - see photos. A few metal marks here and there, dirt on bottom.

Measures about 6 3/4" tall, 3 1/2" widest.

PRICE: $200.00