Eva Zeisel Gravy Boat

Beautiful Eva Zeisel designed Hallcraft gravy boat from the influential "Tomorrow's Classic" line. Zeisel is truly a modern design icon and all of her dinnerware is still relevant today.

This gravy boat is pure white without any decals. It originally had a spoon with it, but we feel it would look splendid displayed in just about any modern home decor setting. Or, it could be used as a candy dish or small server.

The gravy boat is in good shape with no chips or major crazing. The only exception is a very tight hairline crack that extends down from the rim of the bowl about 1-2 inches. It is VERY difficult to see, unless the bowl is wet. It almost looks like a craze line, but we believe it is a hairline. We've tried to show it in the 4th photo. If used for display, the gravy boat could just be turned around and you'd never know about the hairline. However, because of the damage, we're discounting this item slightly.

Gravy boat measures 6.5" long x 5" wide x 6" tall.