Frank Moreno Ceramics Hanging Planter

Drip glaze planter in green avocado color glaze made by Frank Moreno Ceramics. We call this the 1-Globe planter and it’s the smallest of 4 different sizes that Moreno produced. One thing interesting about this particular one globe is that there are three holes around the rim that allow the planter to be hung from rope. We don't see 1-Globes with these holes as frequently. Marked on bottom with “1 Frank Moreno Ceramics U.S.A.”

There isn’t too much information on this Southern California potter, who made ceramics from the 1950s to 1980s, but his items are becoming more popular.

Most Moreno items are a bit irregular, because they’ve been handthrown or handmade, although he did cast items in his later years. It’s been said that he was more concerned with getting a finished product than having a perfect shape or glaze finish.

This item, like most, has glaze pops and imperfections. There are no major cracks or chips. Not much crazing appears on the surface of this particular planter.

Measures about 6 inches in diameter and about 4 inches tall.