Gainey Ceramics Small Pot

A medium sized Gainey Ceramics AC-6 pot in their famous modern cylinder shape that's been endlessly copied over the years. This pot is a blue shiny glaze that tends almost toward lavender. We see many people attributing all Gainey designs to Architectural Pottery, and for the most part that isn't true. Gainey did for a time manufacture designs for Architectural Pottery when the latter didn't have their own plant, but the two companies are in general not interchangeable. Be careful, as Gainey is still manufacturing many of their shapes today (we've been to the plant and have seen this exact model). This one is clearly marked on the bottom with "Gainey Ceramics La Verne, CA AC-6 U.S.A.".

In great vintage condition, with no major chips or cracks, but there's a slight manufacturing defect in the rim that was glazed over.

Measures 6 inches across in diameter, 5 inches tall.