Gompers Saijo Papier Mache Sculpture

A fantastic, rare papier mache sculpture created by the artist Gompers Saijo for Gumps of San Francisco. This is a one of a kind, fascinating folk art piece from the Japanese American artist Saijo, whose entire family was involved in art and design - notably his brother Albert was a contemporary of Jack Kerouac. Gompers also worked on posters and book illustrations. For further information on this interesting artist, please see the Wasabi Press blog entry on him.

We've only seen a few of these papier mache sculptures - one of them was actually featured in California Design 9. This one features a sitting girl with arms clasped around her knee, various floral and symbol decorations in red, orange and green - the overall style is reminiscient of Mexican folk art pieces. Signed on the bottom with "Saijo 1969" and a mark in Japanese.

In good vintage condition, with some wear including a number of dings to the surface. One larger one on back, some to arms and one on the face. Believe there might be a crack underneath the chin and down the neck, though it seems to be stable. A bit of peeling of both the paint and the surface plastic finish. Some dirt and minor scuffing.

Measures about 11 inches tall and 6 inches by 7 1/2 inches widest.