Haku Maki Poem Prints

Wonderful set of two modern embossed/intaglio original Japanese woodblock prints by Haku Maki. Poems are entitled "Wind-A" and "Wind-B" and are reverse images of each other. Black and white abstract calligraphic kanji characters with splash of yellow. Prints are not framed or matted. Features a raised or embossed surface, would make a stunning statement if framed and displayed together near an entryway.

Each stamped with red chop mark on front. Hand signed and numbered with edition fully: "6/205 76-1 (Wind-A) Haku Maki" and "4/205 76-2 (Wind-B ) Haku Maki".

In good vintage condition, with some light wear overall mostly on edges and where print was hinged on back. Very slight browning where the mat was around the edge, and a bit of wrinkling/roughness in paper near edges - both likely would not show when framed.

Measures about 25 inches long and 13 1/4 inches wide. Will be shipped flat between paper and cardboard.