Heath Ceramics White Ashtrays

Great pair of small white Heath Ceramics ashtrays. You might not smoke, but these vintage ashtrays by Heath Ceramics make great tabletop art. This is the original classic design that was the one item that Brian, Edith Heath's husband, designed for Heath. It became one of their most popular sellers due to it's widespread use in offices as the "safety ashtray". The tapered notches self-extinguished cigarettes that were left forgotten.

We've also found that you can rest chopsticks in the notches and use them as a sort of small rice bowl. These are the smaller three notch ashtrays in a white/brown speckled glaze that are marked with the Heath company logo on the bottom.

In excellent condition with no cracks or chips.

measures about 4 3/4 inches across and 2 inches tall.