Arthur Umanoff Clock

Fabulous and rare Howard Miller No. 522 wooden hexagonal wall clock designed by Arthur Umanoff. Believe this was called Natural Classics, unsure if that was the line name or the clock itself. Have also seen this clock attributed to George Nelson, but I think it might actually be Umanoff. Wood exterior stained with a maroon red, face of clock is fabric or felt, numerals are wood, and the hands are painted metal. Have seen a few others like this, but interestingly the wood on those was not stained red. Marked on back with Howard Miller sticker,

In good vintage condition, works with battery. There is some separation splits in the wood panels but it is where the pieces were joined when the clock was made. I believe some may have been reglued together, in any case the clock still feels sturdy. Sticker on back says the clock was repaired, but not sure what was done. Uncertain if the quartz movement is new, believe that is possible. There is quite a bit of wear to the fabric face of clock including scuffs, discoloration and some staining - decided not to clean it to be safe. Hands appear to be original, and have moderate wear and some bending. There are some nails on the back that did not go in all the way (likely from when clock was repaired).

Measures about 12 3/4" wide, 2 3/4" deep.

PRICE: $500.00