Karoff Buffet Tray

This is a curious folding wood and brass tray made by Karoff. After reading up about it online, it turns out this was originally used as a buffet server. The depressions actually held shakers and condiment jars, and you could put crackers, lunchmeats or other things in the other indentations. This item actually appears in the book The Atomic Kitchen, which leads me to believe it was made circa 1950-1960s.

What makes the tray unique is the brass hinges that allow you to unfold the tray into an extra wide, tiered tray. Rather nice as a space saving measure to be able to fold the tray back. Four wooden ball feet raise the buffet off the ground. Marked on the reverse with a burnt stamp that says "Created and Styled by Karoff, Karoff Originals 5th Avenue New York". Definitely a potential conversation item at your next party!

The tray is in decent condition, with some wear to the wood, and a little bit of splitting on the wood, probably due to water soaking. The brass handles have quite a bit of wear, and the finish has mostly come off one of them.

Fully extended measures nearly 30 inches long handle to handle. Folded down, about 16 inches long. About 7.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall.