Ken Edwards Bird

Stunning and spectacular Ken Edwards bird in flight. We aren't sure what type of bird this is, but it's a wonderful sculpture and seems to be a somewhat unusual piece for him. Completely handpainted on wings, head and body. Would be a wonderful pickup for the Ken Edwards collector.

Ken Edwards originally moved his pottery operations to Tonala, Mexico and is still producing these amazing ceramics today with the help of other craftsmen. We are uncertain of the date of this bird (Edwards himself has said that it's very difficult to date his work), but believe it may be from the 1980s. Signed on the bottom with "Mexico KE" and a mark that we couldn't identify, but usually denotes which of his craftsmen worked on the item.

In excellent vintage condition with no damage.

Measures about 8 1/2" long, 5 1/4" tall with a wingspan of 13 1/2".