Kyes Trays

Four orange and white beautiful trays made by Kyes of California. We've been trying to find out more information about the Kyes company because we come across their trays quite frequently. We've only ever seen this distinctive style of enamel trays from the company, in various sizes and glaze colors. Although they were probably made in the 1960s-70s, they have a bit of that older "Hollywood Regency" style look to them due to the scrollwork handles.

This set features two orange and two ivory colored small trays in a wonderful subtle "Moire Glaze" that almost make it look like water. We've actually found this size of tray handy as drink / snack coasters, or to hold small remote controls for TV or DVD players. They're marked each with a circular sticker that reads "Moire Glaze KYES Hand Made in California.

In excellent condition with no major damage to the enamel. Some of the trays, particularly the ivory colored ones, have some chipping to the enamel along the edges.

Each tray measures about 9 1/4 inches handle to handle and 5 inches wide.