Batlin Pitcher

To be honest, we weren't able to find out too much about the origins of this interesting pitcher. The manufacturer's name is "L Batlin & Son", and apparently there isn't much information on the company at all online, though they produced a large number of different dinnerware items.

We were able to find a single collector's article which talked about the company. They were more well known for producing a green or brown line of majolica style pottery dishes called "Jack & The Beanstalk".

This pitcher looks nothing like other items we've seen from Batlin. It has a very modern, abstract looking design in light and dark gray, with a single dot of gold leaf paint. A large circular handle makes for easy grasping. It actually looks similar to some Italian ceramics we've seen previously - no idea on the time period, but we don't think it could be newer than the 1960s. Marked on the bottom with a red ink stamp as "L Batlin & Son, Inc."

In good condition with some usage wear to the paint, but no major cracks or chips.

Pitcher measures about 7 inches tall and about 3 inches wide at the mouth.