Le Creuset Skillet

Wake up to breakfast cooked in this bright and cheery orange Le Creuset skillet. Le Creuset is probably the most famous enamel cookware company, and they still produce great pots and pans today. However, the price tag on those brand new ones will probably make you faint!

This skillet with attached wooden handle is likely a vintage Le Creuset item, although we're unsure of the date of manufacture. Note that the enamel glaze is not the graduated flame orange that you sometimes see on these items but a solid orange-yellow in color. The inside of the pan has a smooth black coating that isn't enamel - we've seen other pans that have a white enamel smooth coating on the inside. Marked on the bottom as "<20> Made In France Le Creuset".

Wooden handle attaches to the pan with a wire bar and top metal screwtop device. This is quite nice because some of the older Le Creuset skillets with wooden handles that we've seen have the threads directly on the wood - often the handle would break off, leaving part of the wood on the inside of the handle.

This vintage item is in great used condition with very little, if any, damage to the enamel. The coating on the inside is worn a bit, but intact. The wood handle has the most wear from use, but looks to be sturdy.

Skillet itself measures 8 inches in diameter. When the handle is attached, the total length of the handle is around 10 inches.