Magic Brain Calculator

I'm sure you remember back in the day when people actually used pocket calculators. But had you heard of the Magic Brain Calculator? This funny little gizmo requires no electricity and uses simple sliding mechanisms along with a set of rules in order to do math.

To be honest, we were a little skeptical about it. In fact, it comes with an instruction booklet that we didn't feel like really getting into. However, we did try at least to learn how to do adding - and after some fiddling around, we found it does work! The "Magic-Brain Calculator" was made by Chadwick and produced in Japan. Made of metal and plastic, it contains a metal stylus that you use to slide notches up and down in order to perform calculations.

Comes with an instruction booklet and original box. One side of box reads "Magic Brain Calculator - Never makes a mistake! Add or Subtract, Multiply & Divide up to 99,999,999". Other side reads "Magic Brain Calculator - Easy to Use! Saves costly errors! Saves time! Ideal for businessmen, salesmen, housewives, accountants, students".

Calculator itself has a pull out bar on top so that you can hang it up.

It's in great, used shape. The box is falling apart but you can still read the funny text on it.