Boy with Dog Jere Style Sculpture

Great looking, kinetic metal sculpture of a boy with dog on flat piece of quartz or marble. Very similar to some of the Curtis Jere pieces that we've had, but we actually think this might be a Malcolm Moran or Bijan piece from the 1970s-80s. Have not seen this particular one so far in our searches online. Two metal (unsure of the type, possibly brass?) figures - a boy holding a bone or toy in the air, and a poodle or spaniel dog. Connected on bottom of the stone base with nut/bolt. The bone/toy that the boy holds is soldered into the hand but actually moves. Unmarked as far as we can tell, if this is Malcolm Moran or Bijan they often had stickers or hangtags.

In good vintage condition, with no damage. There are cracks in the marble, but likely inherent to the stone. Some tarnish to the metal figures.

Measures about 7 1/2" tallest. Slab is about 7 1/2" by 5" widest.